I'm back after an exciting world premiere of my children's work, A Mad Hatter's Tea-Party at the 2018 Canberra International Music Festival. Given the content of my last post (and the piece's title!), it might seem like I'm a little obsessed with all things tea-party! Theatrics and costume are getting a good workout too. 

The piece is written for narrator, flute/piccolo (Alice), clarinet/bass clarinet (Mad Hatter), violin (March Hare), cello (Dormouse), and percussion (Time), performed by Paul English, Ned McGowan, Oliver Shermacher, Anna Da Silva Chen, Miles Mullin-Chivers, and Claire Edwardes. Special mention to Ned for rocking the Alice wig, and bringing a glam rock vibe to the gig!

Official photographer, Peter Hislop, captured the concert below:

AuthorHolly Harrison