The Hourglass Ensemble play Lobster Tales and Turtle Soup as part of their upcoming Utzon Room show. It’s my Sydney Opera House debut, so I’m pumped! Other Australian works by Matthew Hindson and Andrew Ball too. More info here.


Flutes - Ewa Kowalski
Clarinets/director - Andrew Kennedy
Violin – Alastair Duff-Forbes
Cello – Steve Meyer
Percussion - Timothy Brigden
Piano - Anna Rutkowska-Schock


RACHMANINOFF  Trio “Élégiaque” for violin viola and piano
HARRISON*  “Lobster Tales and Turtle Soup” for flute clarinet violin cello percussion piano
BALL*  “Three Dreams in Pulse”, sonata for clarinet and piano
HINDSON*  “Repetepetition” for flute and vibraphone
KAPUSTIN  Trio for flute cello and piano

* denotes Australian work

AuthorHolly Harrison