I’m super pumped to head back to the US in February - this time to Miami! The amazing Jessica Jones and Nu Deco Ensemble give life to my new arrangement of And Whether Pigs Have Wings, for soprano and large ensemble. It’s across three nights, too - that’s a hat trick!

NU DECO AT the Light Box
Featuring Tei Shi

404 NW 26 St
Miami, FL 33127

FEBRUARY 14, 15 and 16 AT  8:00PM

Tanner Porter - Landlord (Nu Works 2018 Winner)

Holly Harrison - And Whether Pigs Have Wings (Nu Works 2018 Winner)

Jessica Meyer - Go Big or Go Home

Special Collaboration featuring Tei Shi

Hyken/Lebos/Lopez/Matthews - Nina Simone Symphonic Suite

AuthorHolly Harrison