I'm excited to be off to the Netherlands next week for the premiere of my new work, And Whether Pigs Have Wings, for soprano and chamber orchestra. The piece is written for soprano Caroline Cartens and the Orchestra of the 21st Century (RKST21), a joint collaboration between Orkest de Ereprijs and Het Gelders Orkest.

Cartens and RKST21 will perform And Whether Pigs Have Wings on two programmes, conducted by Arjan Tien. The first at Brand New Day (February 13, Musis Sacrum, Arnhem), alongside Three Reflections of Previous Thoughts and HOP by Martijn Padding, and Funk My Life, a new work by Mátyás Wettl. And the second at the opening concert of the 22nd Young Composers Meeting (February 14, Town Hall, Apeldoorn), also alongside works by Padding and Wettl.

AuthorHolly Harrison